Easy to Learn & Quick to Drive

What does Automatic Car Driving Course provide?

Automatic car driving course is an online driving school offering easy and simple video tutorials on all topics relevant to passing your UK car Theory and Driving test. You will learn, in a short period of time, how to safely drive a vehicle with automatic transmission. This approach is ideal for learner drivers at all levels.

What do you get from the course?

  • An excellent chance of passing the UK car Theory and Driving test at the first attempt.

  • All Car Course Videos are explained in simple terms.

  • DVSA complete Theory Question bank, over 750 questions.

  • Hazard Perception video introduction and explanation.

  • 40 topics related to the UK driving test.

  • There will be five educational sections in each topic, which help you to pass the UK car driving test.

  • Every topic video you watch explains the main points of course selected

  • Driving lesson videos to watch how to keep safe control of the vehicle with reference points.

  • Test Examiner instruction and directions video with Highway code rules explains.

  • The driving test report explained to help complete understanding of test requirements.

  • Plus recap before every driving lesson to help you fully control.

  • Simple, practical driving exercises suitable for you to pass your driving test.



  1. Official DVSA 750 plus Q&A Bank

  2. Hazard Perception

  3. New short video Q&A

  4. Cockpit Drill

  5. Hand and Foot controls   

  6. Moving away safely

  7. Stopping safely

  8. Anticipation and safe positioning

  9. Use of Speed

  10. Maintain Progress

  11. Following Distance

  12. Bends Left and Right

  13. Approaching junction - Left

  14. Approaching junction - Right

  15. Emerging junction - Left

  16. Emerging junction - Right

  17. Crossroads

  18. Traffic light and Box junctions

  19. Mini Roundabouts

  20. Major roundabouts

  21. Meeting traffic

  22. Traffic calming

  23. Pedestrian crossings

  24. Bus and cycle lanes

  25. One way system

  26. Level crossings

  27. Overtaking

  28. Turn in the road

  29. Parallel parking

  30. Reverseing into a parking bay

  31. Driving forward into a parking bay

  32. Reversing out of a parking bay

  33. Stopping safely on opposite side of carriageway

  34. Moving away safely from opposite side of the carriageway

  35. Dual carriageway

  36. Motorways joing/Leaving

  37. Motorway driving

  38. Independent Satellite navigation

  39. Independent Signs driving

  40. Tell questions

  41. Show questions